Professional Services

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Window Cleaning

We offer complete Window Cleaning Services - yearly, semi-annual, quarterly, or even monthly. With our quarterly service, we clean the outsides of your windows every quarter, and the insides are cleaned once per year. We clean all exterior screens and door thresholds!
When we clean your windows we can replace your burned out lights for you.
Shoe covers, towels, and drop-cloths are used to keep the inside of your home spotless.
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Whether you have hanging mirrors, bath mirrors, or floor to ceiling mirrors; we will get them clean!

Power Washing

We power wash Decks, Vinyl and Steel sidings, Sidewalks, and anything else you need.

Rain Gutters

We take the time to make sure your rain gutters are free of debris. Downspouts are also cleaned and checked to make sure they are free of any obstructions.
Our rates are competitive and the work is superior.

Chandeliers / Light Fixtures

We clean interior and exterior light fixtures. We have experience cleaning a wide variety of chandeliers. Let us put a real shine back to your chandelier.

Ceiling Fans

We clean all types of ceiling fans.